How Challenging Is It For a Non-techie to Learn Technical Skills to Become a Product Manager?

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“You need a technical background to become a product manager” is a common misconception that many people hold. This misconception has led to one of the most frequent questions I receive from aspiring product managers. They ask, “Can non-tech individuals learn technical skills, and how difficult is it to do so?” If this question resonates with you, you’re in the right place because in this episode, we will discuss the truth about whether having technical skills is mandatory to become a product manager. We’ll explore what level of technical expertise is required and how it’s entirely achievable even if you’re not from a tech background.

The Role of Technical Skills in Product Management:
Let’s begin with a question that often arises: Is the role of a product manager exclusively for individuals with technical backgrounds? The answer is a big no. Many product managers excel in their roles without any technical expertise. You might wonder why some job descriptions mention a tech background or software engineering experience. While some companies do mention these requirements, they are not the majority. Most aspiring product managers only review a handful of job descriptions and mistakenly assume that only those with technical backgrounds can become product managers.

It’s essential to understand that there are various types of product manager roles, including generic product manager, business product manager, growth product manager, data product manager, user experience product manager, and technical product manager. Among these, the technical product manager role requires strong technical expertise, as it involves working as a combination of a technical lead and a product manager, assisting software engineering teams in decision-making. Therefore, many transitioning into product management roles with technical requirements often have prior software engineering experience.

In other product manager roles, being super technical is not mandatory, but having a basic understanding of tech is beneficial. As a product manager, you will collaborate primarily with three key roles: software engineers, quality assurance, and design teams. Your understanding of technology will facilitate effective communication with these teams. Additionally, you’ll serve as a bridge between technical and non-technical stakeholders, such as sales, marketing, founders, and users. Your tech knowledge will help you represent your technical team’s work in simple terms.

Building Basic Technical Skills:
So, you don’t need to be a coding expert to become a product manager (except for the technical product manager role). Still, you should grasp the fundamentals of tech. To start building these basic technical skills, I recommend reading a book called “Swipe to Unlock.” This book, authored by product managers from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, simplifies technical concepts and everyday product usage in a way that even non-technical individuals can understand.

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