How to Overcome Self Doubt as a Aspiring Product Manager?

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As an aspiring product manager, you might feel conscious when the interviewer asks you about your biggest achievement in the product field, and you have no answer or when they inquire about the products you’ve built and how many users are using them. These moments can lead to self-doubt and even imposter syndrome. However, don’t let these thoughts bring you down. I’m here today with another podcast to help you overcome these initial hurdles.

Hello, I’m Sachin Sharma, with over 10 years of experience in product management, and I’ve mentored over 1,000 aspiring product managers. Today, I’ll guide you in overcoming this initial self-doubt that many encounter as they embark on their product management journey. Grab your notebook and pen because these five words of wisdom can be powerful tools to help you navigate these challenges.

1. You’re Not Alone:
First and foremost, remember that you’re not alone in experiencing imposter syndrome. Almost everyone faces it to some degree, even seasoned professionals. I, too, faced it when I started my career as a product manager. Instead of succumbing to self-doubt, use it as a catalyst for growth and learning. Avoid making negative beliefs like thinking you lack the experience to be a product manager.

2. Embrace Your Identity:
Before any interview, put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer, who is likely a product manager or senior manager. Think and act like a product manager, anticipating the questions they might ask and why. Understanding the “why” behind their questions will enable you to provide more insightful answers. Prepare well in advance for common questions based on your resume.

3. Identify Your Value Proposition:
Work on identifying your unique value propositions. Leverage your strengths, transferable skills, and domain insights. Conduct an assessment to understand your weaknesses, strengths, and transferable skills. Everyone has transferable skills from their previous roles, and it’s crucial to recognize and harness them.

4. Present Yourself Effectively:
As a product manager, effective communication and storytelling are essential skills. When discussing your past experiences, focus on the impact you’ve had on the business. Talk about metrics and the results of your actions, not just the tasks you’ve completed. Highlight how your contributions made a difference.

5. Use Physical Techniques:
In interviews, employ physical techniques to boost your confidence. Take deep breaths to calm your nerves and use power poses to exude confidence. Your body language plays a significant role in how you come across during an interview.

By keeping these five principles in mind, you can overcome the imposter syndrome that often plagues those entering the product management field. If you’re already part of my community and learning there, I recommend upgrading to the Diamond membership to accelerate your product management skills and connect with fellow achievers. If you’re not part of the community yet, join my free training on and take action. I look forward to serving you further in my community. 

Best of luck, take care, and stay tuned for more informative podcasts released every week. Thank you.

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