Skills vs. Experience: How to Stand Out as a PM Candidate Without Prior Experience?

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Product Management is a highly sought-after role in today’s market. With the rise of product-based companies globally, the demand for skilled product managers is on the rise. However, many people wonder why they would be hired for a product management role when they don’t have prior experience in this field. In this podcast, we will explore why someone can be hired for a product management role even without any prior experience.

Hey there, it’s your host, Sachin Sharma, a seasoned product manager with over 10 years of experience. I’ve had the pleasure of guiding over 1,000 aspiring product managers in their journey towards success. With this podcast, I aim to share even more valuable insights on product management to help you excel in your career. If you are looking to level up your skills and stand out from the crowd, then you are in the right place. So let’s dive into today’s episode without any further delay.

The Demand for Product Managers:
Product Management is a hot job these days because a lot of product-based companies are launching across the globe, and service-based companies are also building products now, so they need product managers. According to a report by Product School, 22 million product management jobs are expected to be available across the globe in the coming years. So the demand is very high, but the supply of skilled product managers is low. Why are skilled product managers in short supply? Because many people are coming in with certifications but fewer practical skills. They are focusing only on getting certified, thinking that it’s enough to get a job. But that’s not true. Certification is just a piece of paper for such a versatile role. Having the right skills and the right attitude is essential. Hiring managers are not looking for degrees from Tier one or Tier two colleges or any specific certifications. Instead, they are looking for people who have learned some core product management skills and have the eagerness to solve customer problems and build products that customers love.

The Role of Hiring Managers:
Another important aspect is that hiring managers are not willing to teach you these skills. This might sound odd, but it’s true. Hiring managers are looking for someone who can deliver results quickly, and training someone from scratch can take 6 to 7 months or even more. Even after investing that time and effort, there’s no guarantee that these candidates will stay with the company after the training is completed. Nowadays, companies no longer require candidates to sign agreements for 2 to 3 years, which means there’s a risk that candidates will learn and then switch to a higher-paying job elsewhere. Hiring managers are open to helping you improve your skills, which means if you already know 70 to 80% of product management skills, they will help you bridge the gap to 100%. However, they are not willing to help you go from 0% to 100%.

How to Gain Product Management Skills:
So, how can you gain these product management skills without any prior experience? There are a few ways to do this. You can build a product of your own using no-code tools that allow you to launch apps or websites quickly, often for free or at a minimal cost. You can also volunteer with a startup to gain practical experience. Another effective way is to learn from an experienced mentor who has worked in a product management role. Learning from someone with real-world experience is crucial, as product management is an interesting and challenging role that requires practical insights.

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