How to get into a PM role with no prior product experience?

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Are you concerned that your lack of prior experience might hinder your search for a product management job? If so, today’s podcast is tailored just for you. I will be sharing where you can gain your first product management experience.

Hello, everyone. My name is Sachin Sharma, and I have over 10 years of experience in the product management role. I’ve had the privilege of mentoring over 1,000 aspiring product managers. Today, I’m here to help and guide you by providing insights on how to gain initial experience in the product management field, which will significantly improve your chances of landing a product management job. Get ready with your notebook and pen to capture these powerful ideas.

Let’s begin with some straightforward approaches. Here are four ways to gain your initial product management experience:

  1. Pro Bono Work: Offer your services for free. Look for job opportunities or internships at startups or nonprofit organizations that may not offer high salaries or any salary at all. Working with these organizations will allow you to learn and gain experience. You might wonder how you can afford to work for free. Remember, you have many years ahead of you to earn money. Investing time in learning now will pay off in the long run. Learning might even involve some costs, but remember, the more you learn, the more you earn. Consider this initial phase as an investment in your future.
  2. Case Studies and Product Teardowns: Select your dream companies and deep dive into their products. Create case studies or product teardowns for these companies. Analyze their products, explore their features, and understand why they were built. Consider who benefits from these features and how they could be improved. Publish these case studies and teardowns on your LinkedIn profile. Ensure they are featured prominently. By showcasing your analytical skills and product knowledge, you’ll make yourself more attractive to potential employers.
  3. Publish Product Analyses on LinkedIn: Keep an eye on product launches, especially on platforms like Product Hunt. Analyze new product features, their purpose, and potential improvements. Regularly publish your analyses on LinkedIn. Use relevant hashtags to reach the right audience, such as #productmanagement, #productmanager, or other industry-specific tags. Sharing your insights on LinkedIn will help you build an audience and demonstrate your product management knowledge to potential employers.
  4. Build Your Own Product: Whether it’s a digital or physical product, consider building one of your own. No-code tools make it easier than ever to create digital products without coding. Don’t worry about the complexity of the product; focus on solving a specific problem for a customer. Building your product will give you hands-on experience and enhance your understanding of the “why” and “what” aspects of product management.

These four approaches provide practical ways to gain initial product management experience. Remember, it’s not always about the complexity of the product you work on; it’s about understanding why and what you’re building.

I hope these insights help you prepare for your product management journey. Sharing my ten years of experience, interviewed 75+ product managers, and mentoring 1000+ aspiring product managers is a pleasure, and I’m dedicated to helping you succeed.

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Best of luck, take care, and stay tuned for more informative podcasts that I release every week. Thank you.

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